U.K. Trailer for The Ward

This trailer for John Carpenter’s anticipated comeback to the silver screen, The Ward sure looks forceful. With its fast clips, showering girls and eerie ghost, it’s sure to grab your attention.

The only bad thing is that this trailer is for the U.K. release coming up on January 21, and that The Ward hasn’t got a U.S. distributor yet, puzzles me a bit. Why nobody has wanted to get their hands a movie from such a big name as John Carpenter is beyond me, or maybe some people knows something we don’t and it isn’t as good as it seems?

Hopefully The Ward will kick some ass over there and prove itself worthy for a big release in the U.S. or else I’m afraid that we have to settle with a limit release, at best.

The story revolves around Kristen (Amber Heard), which are being locked up at mental institution, for reasons she doesn’t know. Kristen is told that there’s no way to escape from the institution and when she’s haunted by a creepy ghost, Kristen realizes that she’s up against something darker than anything she could ever imagine.

The Ward trailer:

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