New Horror Releases – January 4

Here is a small review of some of the enthralling movies that are released today, among them a couple of horror movie packs, which you might find interesting.

If you only going to buy one movie today, then I really recommend Christian Alvart’s Case 39, about a social worker who rescue a young girl, from her abusive parents, but is the girl really that innocent? You can read my review of Case 39 here. (6.1 @ IMDB – 22% @ RT)

The Last Exorcism – The Eli Roth produced mockumentary, about Reverend Cotton Marcus and the filming of his last exorcism, uses psychological thrills instead of gore to scare us. The movie received widely mixed reviews, where many found the ending to be a bit controversial. (5,7 @ IMDB – 72% @ RT)

Several two- and four-packs are also available today. I’m not a big fan of those, mainly because I see them as a blunt attempt to sell a bad movie that no one would buy otherwise, with the help of a good one. However, today there are a couple of packs, which looks like they have been put together with a good intention, though.

First we have Devil’s Rejects and House of 1,000 Corpses, which is an excellent opportunity for you to dwell into two nightmarish worlds, created by the talented Rob Zombie, filled with ruthless violence and gore.

The second pack I really recommend, is the Blu-ray pack, with two Clive Barker adaptations, Book of Blood and Midnight Meat Train. You can catch my review of Book of Blood, here.

Next you have a four-movie collection of Eye, Bug, Ju-On and Alone in The Dark, which all have the potential to give you a terrifying experience. This is truly a good pack, which really have the potential of giving life to a dull weekend.

At last, if you’re into the kinds of cheesy horror movies that aim to be scary but really isn’t, but nonetheless creates an odd cult phenomenon around them, then this collection of the first four Leprechaun movies is for you.

Is there a movie that comes out today that you think is worth buying? Then add them in the comments below!

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