3 new TV spots for The Rite

Warner Brothers has just let loose three new TV spots for an exorcism movie that I really am pumped up about – The Rite.

Even though these awesome spots features a lot more eerie scenes than the previous trailer, it’s the sound on the tape, taken during an exorcism, that really gives me the shivers!

Two reasons to be pumped up for The Rite, besides that it looks freaking spine-chillingly, are that both Anthony Hopkins and Rutger Hauer stars in it. Now, I realize that Hauer might not have a prominent role, but I think it will be interesting to see him nonetheless and I keep my fingers crossed that he and Hopkins have some screen time together.

What do you think about this one, will The Rite be a bigger scare than The Last Exorcism, as it’s unleashed on January 28?

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