Creepy Trailer for Evidence

The reborn trend of found-footage-movies (a.k.a. fake documentaries or mockumentaries), is like a snowball rolling down a slope, growing bigger and bigger for every positive box office return, like Paranormal Activity 2 and The Last Exorcism, for instance.

Howie Askins’s Evidence is another one in the pipe that seems, judging by the trailer, to be able to give us some suspenseful and scary found-footage, by the bucketload.

Evidence digs into the footage taken by Ryan, while making a documentary about his friend Brett’s first camping experience. Soon after the camping trip begins, they discover that something mysterious is following them in their tracks.

I think that the trailer seems promising and toward the end of it, if you look closely, you can see something blurry in the background, rapidly approaching the terrified girl, which doesn’t seem friendly . . .

Evidence trailer:

Since the movie went into post-production in October last year, I assume that it will be released sometime this year, but I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Creepy Trailer for Evidence

  1. This movie was awesome! If you like found footage films, you’ll love this one. While it is a “low-budget” found footage film, by the end you’ll wonder how they made so much action with so little. I thought it was on par with other high-budget movies like Cloverfield and Quarantine. It starts like Blair Witch and ends like Resident Evil. Granted, the characters make plenty of dumb decisions along the way, but you will be surprised at the momentum the movie picks up. This movie is better than many of its counterparts, and you would do yourself a big favor to find a free torrent of it and watch it. I watch every found footage film I can find, and I would easily give this a 9/10 stars.


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