New Horror Releases – December 28

In today’s crop of new horror movies, I have found two that stands out from the crowd, which will also get a home in my movie shelf.

First up is the indie horror and A.D. Calvo’s feature debut The Haunting of Amelia (a.k.a. The Other Side of the Tracks), which seems that it could be an extraordinary experience.

The story in this supernatural drama revolves around Josh (Brendan Fehr) who lost his girlfriend in a tragic train accident. Although the accident occurred ten years go, disturbing visions and memories, from somewhere between the world of the living and the dead, still haunts Josh preventing him to continue with his life.

As his best friend Rusty (Chad Lindberg) urges him to move on, a mysterious young waitress, who is a spitting image of his late girlfriend, shows up and offers him a seductive alternative.

The movie has received mostly positive reviews, from its screenings earlier this year at various festivals, and has a positive score of 75% at Rotten Tomatoes. Most reviewers seem to find the movie to be powerful and suspenseful, with lots of unsuspecting twists.

The Haunting of Amelia trailer:

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Next we have Resident Evil: Afterlife, which is the fourth installment of the Resident Evil franchise. Although I don’t think this is the sharpest installment in the series, it is still a good buy and it will not disappoint a fan of the series.

In Resident Evil: Afterlife, Alice’s calling to destroy the evil Umbrella Corporation continues while she also, with a small group of survivors, sets out to find the safe haven Arcadia.

Resident Evil: Afterlife gives us exactly what we can expect, without being too impressive. Yet, it does contain a couple of strong and memorable highlights nonetheless. Like the fierce fight with the Axeman in the shower room, which looks absolutely marvelous in 3D.

Yet the real treat of this movie is its intro, where I think Paul W.S. Anderson really surpassed himself, depicting an Asian girl turning into a complete psycho bitch on a rainy night. It’s so visually attractive that it’s just eye numbing and clearly one of the best intro to a movie that I have seen.

Resident Evil: Afterlife Trailer:

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