Blood Runs Cold – Swedish Horror Movie

The teaser for the dripping fresh Swedish horror movie Blood Runs Cold, has a kind of retro touch attached to it, creating an eerie and suspenseful atmosphere, which looks very promising.

Although the teaser looks groovy, the most impressive about Blood Runs Cold, is that Stockholm Syndrome Film made it with a micro budget of just $5000. Also, during the 34 days it took to shoot the movie, the crew had no access to neither, electricity, heat nor water. That is what I call passion!

The story revolves around Winona, an upcoming singer/songwriter, who heads back to her hometown to recover and rejuvenate her inspiration, after a hectic first year as an artist. Disappointed over the poor standard and strange noises in the house, she decides to go to a bar, where she runs into an old boyfriend and his friends. After a while, they decide to go back to the house to continue their party. At the same time something evil resides inside the old worn-out house, awaiting the right time to strike, and as the group eventually falls asleep, the killing begins.

No word about a possible release date or distributer yet, but I really hope we’ll be able to dig into this one soon.

Impressive what you can knock together with just five grand and a great deal of creative passion, or what do you think?

3 thoughts on “Blood Runs Cold – Swedish Horror Movie

  1. It was crap but what do you expect for 5 grand. There was not the remotest clue as to why some one with what looked like a WW! gas mask on would want to start dismembering the occupants randomly. Even the artist gets it in the end. WTF ? Complete waste of 5 grand. This movie was totally appalling, bordering on the worst movie ever filmed/of all time, beaten only by the likes of ‘Attack of the Killer Giant Cucumbers/Tomatoes/Porcupines/Wombats/Horseradish/ whatever the fuck else you can think of’ Garbage!


  2. I actually am realistic and am very impressed with what they managed for 5 grand and unlike some dreamers as to what they expect for a low budget film like the two dreamers who posted above me, i thought it was entertaining. Mind you i did not know the budget when i started watching the movie. Im very impressed. I started watching at the bar scene and couldnt stop watching lol! Pretty lame and not hollywood like at times but i liked it! 🙂
    Give it a shot and ask yoursel first “can i do a better movie with 5 grand?”.
    Hell nooo!!!!! 🙂


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