In Anticipation of The Walking Dead Season 2

Now over a week has passed, since the last episode of The Walking Dead aired and I feel a severe zombie abstinence sneaking up on me, or what about you?

However, before you start walking around – drooling and mindlessly – in just your underwear, hissing “I want The Walking Dead,” you should now that there’s help, for you too.

For starters, if you pre-order the first season at Amazon right now, you will receive it on March 8, 2011. That is merely four months away, which you can probably endure.

Still, if your urge, to meet Rick and all the cool zombies again, would grow too painfully big, then you could always seek comfort in the comics, upon which the show is based.

Here is a brief background of the original series, for you. It was created by the writer Robert Kirkman and the artist Tony Moore and has been published since 2003. Earlier this year it also won the Eisner Award for Best Continuing Series at Comic-con.

Now, to the good part of this post. You can lay your hands on all issues of The Walking Dead, spanning from issue #1 to #72, all contained in solid oversized hardcover volumes! I cannot be sure, but I reckon that it would be enough to ease any severe zombie abstinence out there.

For you convince, I have collected links to all the books in the series, below.

The Walking Dead, Book 1 – issue #1-12

The Walking Dead, Book 2 – issue #13-24

The Walking Dead, Book 3 – issue #25-36

The Walking Dead, Book 4 – issue #37-48

The Walking Dead Book 5 – issue #49-60

The Walking Dead, Book 6 – issue #61-72

You can also visit, as they have plenty of zombie stuff, like The Walking Dead Survival test, to keep you occupied until next season starts.

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