After Dark Announces Seconds Apart as the Seventh Original

After Dark Films has just included Seconds Apart into the line-up of their upcoming label, After Dark Originals “A New Brand of Fear.”

The movie revolves around Seth and Jonah, two sinister twins, with an uncanny talent for telekinesis, a power they are suspected of misusing in the most horrific ways imaginable.

When the brothers fellow students start to meet gory fates, Detective Lampkin (Orlando Jones) suspect that the twins might have something to do with the gruesome murders. Soon it all boils down to a final showdown of brother vs. brother, evil vs. evil.

Antonio Negret, the ward winning short-film director, directed the movie and as the sinister twins, Seth and Jonah, we see the real life twins’ Gary and Edmund Entin. The brothers has previously worked together in movies such as Rest Stop and The Seeker.

Since After Dark Originals will contain 8 indie horror movies and Seconds Apart was the seventh, only one movie remains to be announced, before the premiere sometime in January, next year.

Below you can see the international poster, featuring the two twins, looking like their up for something sinister, riding on their bikes as well as a still depicting Orlando Jones in a fearful situation.

Orlando Jones in Seconds Apart
International poster for Seconds Apart

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