Husk Received a R-rating

Earlier this week Husk, the sixth spine-chilling movie in the After Dark Originals lineup, received a R-rating for its horror violence and language.

The story centers around five young friends, on a weekend trip, who became stranded beside a desolate cornfield, after a scarecrow smashed through the windshield to their car.

In the distant they see a dim light coming from a decayed farmhouse. They decide to head over there to see if they can call for help.

Little do they know that there’s something evil and unnatural lurking inside the cornfield, which is in the need of fresh bodies . . .

The movie is written and directed by Brett Simmons and stars Wes Chatham (The
Unit, In the Valley of Elah), C.J. Thomason (The Big Bank Theory), and Devon Graye (Scar 3D and Showtime’s Dexter).

Husk is said to be an old school horror, including a suspenseful and mind shredding script with real character development, which I think sounds promising and something to look forward to. Husk will be released, together with the rest of the other Originals, in January 2011.

Since both the still and the poster (see below) features an uncanny scarecrow, I guess it’s a safe bet to imagine that it’ll play a central part in this movie, or what do you think?

Still from the horror movie Husk

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