Baby Shower – a Shivery Slasher from Chile

Baby Shower is something that you don’t see every day. It’s a slasher movie from Chile, conceived by the TV series writer, Pablo Illanes, making this his debut as a feature film director and a screenwriter.

The movie revolves around Angela, who is pregnant with twins, and is meeting up with some of her friends at a remote cottage, outside her city, to celebrate her pregnancy. As the friends meet, dark secrets surface, like one of the women’s close involvements of a strange and evil cult led by spiritualists, devoted not only to meditation, but also to murder, human sacrifice and other macabre rituals.

When the four friends decide to leave, their cars don’t work, the phone lines have been cut, and the cell phones can’t get a signal, it dawns on them that their happy baby shower has just turned into a nightmare.

According to Illanes, his debut movie, about the four frightened ex-classmates, surrounded by a rabid new-age cult, comes in the form of a retro-slasher and judging by the trailer below, it looks well made and the story sounds a bit innovative, too.

I doubt that we will be able to catch Baby Shower at any theater, but I hope it will find its way to our homes via DVD/Blu-ray in the future, though. Check out the trailer and the eerie poster and leave your thoughts about it below.

Baby Shower Trailer:

The Poster for Baby Shower

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