Chilling Teaser for Re-Cut

Today I stumbled over the teaser trailer for Fritz Manger’s directorial debut, Re-Cut, which looks like it might be able to take your mind out in the backyard and give it an eerie and disturbing beating, making Paranormal Activity look more like a bedtime story in comparison.

I better emphasis that I wrote might, but the teaser below really got me pumped up. Check it out for yourself, together with the poster, below and tell me if it isn’t rather chilling?

The core of the story consists of two twin girls that are found brutally murdered in a barn at farm in rural Wisconsin.  Meredith Phillips (The Bachelorette), an up-and-coming TV-reporter is sent out, with a camera crew, to cover this brutal and disturbing story. In their eager to break the story, the team soon gets entwined in the deadly and shocking mystery that creeps around the small town.

Re-Cut is yet another one of those mockumentaries, which we have seen quite a lot of lately, and the movie is built up from the crew’s multiple cameras, which documents their struggle to survive the most terrifying night of their lives and the only evidence of a crime, too horrific to imagine.

Re-Cut was screened at the Austin Film Festival last month and it’s said to be released this fall, but I haven’t been able to dig up any more info than that, though.

Re-Cut Teaser Trailer:

Re-Cut Poster:

The Poster for Re-Cut

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