Supernatural: All Dogs Go To Heaven Preview

I think that Supernatural, after a bulking dramatic – almost a tad boring – start really has pulled together in the last couple of episodes. I really like the episodes penned by Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin, like the recently aired episode “Family Matters”, which I think have a good balance between character development, action and drama, similar to how I want Supernatural.

In the upcoming episode “All Dogs Go To heaven” Dean and Sam are faced with a Skinwalker, posing as a dog, killing of the enemies of his owner. As the brothers catch the dog, they learn that the alpha Skinwalker has created a lot of sleeper cells, which are ready to be activated on his command, killing their owners. To prevent a large-scale mass murder, Dean and Sam must find and kill the alpha.

But here is a little twist, which is revealed in the preview below, it seems that Crowley has an opening for Sam – if the brothers can capture the alpha and hand it over to him, he will return Sam’s soul!

I guess that even though the offer will be hard to refuse, it faces Dean and Sam with a moral dilemma, as well. If they hand over the alpha to Crowley, Sam might get his soul back, but at the same time they risk that all the sleeper cells will go off sometime in the future, killing numerous of innocent people. Also, by giving Crowley the alpha, they might actually help him to expand into Purgatory, which can have dire consequences.

So, it’ll be interesting to see how the brothers decide to tackle this delicate problem this Friday, or what do you think?

All Dogs Go To Heaven Preview

This is the second episode that Adam Glass has written after “Two and a Half Men”, which was his very first episode for Supernatural.

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