English Trailer for We Are the Night (Wir sind die Nacht)

Almost a year ago I wrote about Dennis (The Wave) Gansel’s upcoming vampire movie, We Are the Night, which got me excited, to say the least. I also posted an early teaser that I thought looked very promising; besides the fact I didn’t understand a word of it, since they spoke German.

Last week We Are the Night had its premiere in Germany, with mostly positive reviews following it. Now it will be screened at the American Film Market in Los Angeles, tomorrow and next Monday, November 8th.

I really hope that it will catch the eye of a good distributor, which will ensure that it gets a release date in the U.S, in a near future.

The story in We Are the Night revolves around Lena (Karoline Herfurth), a woman in her early twenties, who earns her living as a petty thief in Berlin. On night, her shady jobs take her to an underground club, where she meets the club owner Louise (Nina Hoss), a 250 year old glamorous vixen and the leader of an all-female vampire trio. Louise falls for the scruffy Lena and as the two spends the night together, Lena is bitten and turned into a vampire.

At first, Lena relishes her immortality, the wild parties and the glamour that surrounds her new-found vampire lifestyle. However, soon she learns that this new lifestyle comes with a step price as she learns about the endless blood thirst and murderous appetite, her new friends has.

And when then the police Tom Serner (Max Riemelt) starts to investigate the girls, things start to spiral out of control for Lena.

Below you can catch the English trailer for We Are the Night, which I think looks enchanting, with its fresh and elegant touch, or what do you think?

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