Teaser Poster for 11-11-11

Epic Pictures Group released a teaser poster for Darren Lynn Bousman’s next horror project titled 11-11-11 that are up for sale on the American Film Market, which has hit Los Angeles this week.

11-11-11, is based on the fact that some believe that number 11 has a spiritual significance and that something unearthly will enter into our world on 2011-11-11.

Now, as far as I believe nothing substantial world-changing will happen on that date, besides the fact the movie will have its premiere, that is.

Darren Lynn Bousman, who has given us titles like Saw II, Saw III and the upcoming remake of Mother’s Day has penned the screenplay and is also the one who’s going to direct this interesting piece.

Since the movie is in pre-production, all the info we have right now is this teaser poster, which doesn’t reveal much of either the plot or the cast.

However, if you’re interested in this movie, you should now that Epic Pictures Group has just registered the domain 11-11-11themovie.com and even though it’s just a parked site at the moment, you should bookmark it for future use.

Teaser Poster for 11-11-11

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