13: Game of Death (13 game sayawng) – Review

At the moment “Saw 3D” is dominating the box office, with its lethal and sinister traps, which we never seem to get enough of.

Therefore, I thought I would give you a tip of another movie that is quite similar to the concept of the Saw franchise, except its simply more proficient – 13: Game of Death.

“13: Game of Death” is a gritty drama from2006, skillfully created by the Thai director Chukiat Sakveerakul, which has won numerous awards and currently holds an IMDB rating of 6,8. Surprisingly, for some odd reason, it isn’t that known by the majority of horror fans and chances are that you have missed this ghastly gem.

The movie tells the story of Phuchit, a young man who’s life is about to go down the toilet. He has just lost his job, as salesman of musical instruments and has debts to the hilt. As Phuchit sit and ponder how miserable his life has become, his cell rings, with an offer to participate in an underground reality game, with high cash prizes. In order to win the game and 100 million Thai baht, he must complete 13 challenges.

After every challenge he finishes, he gets a direct deposit into his bank account and is eligible for the next one. The rules of the game are simple he cannot tell anyone that he’s participating nor can he try to figure out who’s behind it. If he breaks any of the rules or fails any challenge, the game will end.

Even though the first two challenges are rather simple, Phuchit soon realizes that he has embarked on a hazardous journey and if he wants to make it to the final game, he must confront his deepest fears and painful past.

The concept of the movie is similar to “Saw” – to move on the protagonist must solve a bunch of uncomplicated, but often gruesome challenges. However, I think that “13: Game of Death” is on a different level, where the challenges are tied to the protagonist in an ingenious way, instead of appearing just randomly to the protagonist.

I like the challenges that Phuchit is faced with, which includes every element we could ever wish for, from nail-biting suspense to unimaginably disgusting ones that will hit your stomach like a sledgehammer.

The story is vivid, well-crafted and constantly takes us forward, reveling small bits and pieces on the way, which builds up suspense and anticipation for the final game. It’s easy to be trapped inside it and it’ll keep you there, right up to the mind shattering end that ties the whole thing together in a brilliant way.

Sakveerakul present the story in a modest way with close shoots, which gives the movie a touch of realism and discomfort, enhancing the ruthless atmosphere and the despair which drives Phuchit to stay in the game.

The acting is of various kinds, but Krissada Terrence played the role of Phuchit in a very believable and sympathetic manner that made him and his actions throughout the movie, feel genuine.

Needless to say, I enjoyed every frame of this shocking, gruesome and morbid movie and I consider it to be one of my absolute favorite horror movies. I think that it’s an absolute must see, for any horror fan, which enjoys to be taken on a mind baffling and stomach wrenching roller coaster ride.

13: Game of Death Trailer:

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