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The Poster for Unknown

Here is the poster for Liam Neeson’s upcoming mystery action Unknown, based on the novel Out of My Head by Didier van Cauwelaert.

In the movie Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, who awakens from a coma, after a car crash, only to discover that someone has taken over his identity. The twist is that no one, not even he’s wife, recognizes him. With the help of a young woman, Harris sets out to prove who he really is.

I find the story interesting and think that it’ll fit Neeson perfectly, much like the role he did in Taken, in which he dominated.

However, even though the story feels fresh and slightly innovative, the poster doesn’t. I think that they could have made an effort to make the poster a bit more original, rather than just using a modified version of the poster from Taken, though.

The poster for Unknown looks similar to...

the poster for Taken, or what do you think?

However, you shouldn’t let the bland poster fool you, since the trailer really rocks and is the reason to why I want to catch this movie as it hits the theaters on February 18, next year.

Unknown Trailer

Battle Royale Limited Edition Release

On December 13, Arrow Films will be releasing a limited edition of the Asian cult movie Battle Royale, on both DVD and Blu-ray.

Besides high definition versions of both the theatrical and director’s cut, the 3-discs comes jam-packed with yummy extras such as star and director filmpgraphies, two booklets, one comic book, film notes, set clips and much more.

The story in Battle Royale takes place around the new millennium in which Japan’s society is on the brink of total collapse. The unemployment has rises to at an all-time high, and the violence among the nation’s young students is spiraling out of control.

When the school children start to boycott their classes and physically abusing their teachers, the distressed government introduces a bizarre and radical solution to curb the decay – the Battle Royale Act.

The act work like this; a random school class is sedated and taken to a deserted island, where they’re equipped with an exploding necklace and a weapon, before they’re forced to fight each other to the death, until only one remains.

He or she will then be allowed to return, but not as the winner, but as the ultimate proof of the lengths to which the government is prepared to go to curb the tide of juvenile disobedience.

After its release in 2000 the clever, creepy and ultra-violent Battle Royale has become a real cult movie, with a current IMDB rating of 7,9. If you haven’t seen it already, this is your chance to enjoy a true jewel in the crown of Japanese Shock Cinema.

You can get your hands on both the DVD and Blu-ray editions at Amazon UK here.

Battle Royale Trailer:

Reese Denies Zombieland 2 Rumors

In yesterday’s movie buzz, we could read that Zombieland 2 would feature a cameo of an iconic actor, someone like Harrison Ford or Anthony Hopkins. Personally I would have loved to see Jack Nicholson acting out his full register as zombie. That would have been something baffling to look forward to!

However, today Rhett Reese the co-writer of Zombieland 2, savagely shattered my dream. On his Twitter account the screenwriter told the world that the rumors, which was being tossed around the net yesterday, where nothing more than just false.

I assume that Reese tweet also would include the rumor that said that Zombieland 2 would feature a villain with comedic roots and that Tallahassee would be forced to go head-to-head with a hunky rival, as well.

Nevertheless, since Bill Murray’s cameo was one of the true highlights of Zombieland, it would really surprise me if something similar didn’t turned up the sequel.

Therefore, I suspect that Reese is just trying to put out a smokescreen and that Zombieland 2 will indeed feature a superstar cameo or at least something similar, after all.

However, since Zombieland 2 only is in the script stage so far, I guess that there will be more rumors and speculations, before we’ll be able to see the truth on the silver screen, within a year or two.

Anyway, here is a list from the top of my head, on which actor I would like to see do a cameo in Zombieland 2,

  • George A. Romero
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Johnny Depp
  • Gary Oldman
  • Al Pacino
  • Anthony Hopkins
  • Steve Buscemi
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Bill Nighy

What do you think, does Zombieland 2 need an iconic cameo appearance to become a hit and if so, who would you like to see?

Husk Received a R-rating

Earlier this week Husk, the sixth spine-chilling movie in the After Dark Originals lineup, received a R-rating for its horror violence and language.

The story centers around five young friends, on a weekend trip, who became stranded beside a desolate cornfield, after a scarecrow smashed through the windshield to their car.

In the distant they see a dim light coming from a decayed farmhouse. They decide to head over there to see if they can call for help.

Little do they know that there’s something evil and unnatural lurking inside the cornfield, which is in the need of fresh bodies . . .

The movie is written and directed by Brett Simmons and stars Wes Chatham (The
Unit, In the Valley of Elah), C.J. Thomason (The Big Bank Theory), and Devon Graye (Scar 3D and Showtime’s Dexter).

Husk is said to be an old school horror, including a suspenseful and mind shredding script with real character development, which I think sounds promising and something to look forward to. Husk will be released, together with the rest of the other Originals, in January 2011.

Since both the still and the poster (see below) features an uncanny scarecrow, I guess it’s a safe bet to imagine that it’ll play a central part in this movie, or what do you think?

Still from the horror movie Husk

Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D – Animated Zombies on the Loose

Over 40 years have passed since George A. Romero unleashed his flesh craving zombies upon us, for the first time, in the cult classic Night of the Living Dead. And next year we’ll get to see it all over again, but this time in an animated version by the visual effects supervisor and first time director, Zebediah De Soto.

De Soto’s version, which he calls an American style anime, follows Romero’s original closely, with the same characters, Ben and Barbra, included. But it isn’t a rural Pennsylvania that has been invaded by bloodthirsty zombies, this time it all goes down in New York City.

Origins will also focus more on the character’s background and on all the hopes and dreams, which the zombie outbreak brutally shattered, than the original story.

Both Tony Todd and Bill Moseley will return to do their roles of Ben and Johnny, which they played in Tom Savini’s version from 1990. The voice of Barbra will be done by Danielle Harris, whom you might remember from Halloween 4 & 5, where she played young Jamie Lloyd, the niece of Michael Myers.

In the making of the movie, De Soto took advantage of the real-time effects system “The Beast,” which allowed him to shoot the animations as if he was shooting on a live set. It will be interesting to see if the use of this system will make us come closer to the story, by making the animations more vivid and alive, compared with other techniques, which I can feel to come off as static and undead, no pun intended.

Nevertheless, I feel that this project can be something pretty cool, with a fresh touch to it and I cannot wait until I get to see the first trailer, or what about you?

Below you can see a test rendering from the movie, as well as a still from Romero’s 68′ classic, for comparison.

Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D

Night of the Living Dead anno 1968

First Apollo 18 Poster

Here is a first teaser poster for Gonzalo Lopez’s upcoming sci-fi horror Apollo 18, featuring two footprints carved into the dust of the moon, a human and an alien one. I think that the sharp shape of the alien foot looks promising, since it hopefully means that the aliens featured in the movie will not be the cozy kind.

The First Poster for Apollo 18

The movie, which is a mockumentary, sets out to answer the question why we never have gone back to the moon, by providing allegedly eerie video footage of what really happened on Apollo 18 and why NASA wanted to cover it up and we’ll get the answer on 4 March, next year.

Underworld 4 Title and Plot Update

A while ago we learned that the Swedish duo of Bjorn Stein and Mans Marlind, who gave us the psychological chiller Shelter, will be the ones to helm this fourth installment of the Underworld franchise.

Now, a couple of interesting updates about the movie, which is slated to arrive to the theaters next year (January 20, 2012) in 3D, has been announced.

The title of the movie is said to be Underworld 4: New Dawn and the premise are that after Selene wakes up from a coma-like state after 15 years, she learns that she has a daughter in the fourteen-year-old vampire/Lycan hybrid, Nissa. When Selene finds her daughter, she also learns that BioCom is about to create a new breed of super Lycans and together this new mother-daughter team must find a way to stop them, before it’s to late.

The date for the formal shooting of the movie is set to begin in March, next year, but before that I hope to know the complete cast and a bit more of the story.

I think that the storyline might have potential, but I hope that they find room in it for a couple of familiar faces, too. Also, the casting of Nissa will be very vital for the movie as well and it’ll be interesting to see who get to play that one.

What do you think about this? Leave your comments about Underworld 4: New Dawn, below.

Baby Shower – a Shivery Slasher from Chile

Baby Shower is something that you don’t see every day. It’s a slasher movie from Chile, conceived by the TV series writer, Pablo Illanes, making this his debut as a feature film director and a screenwriter.

The movie revolves around Angela, who is pregnant with twins, and is meeting up with some of her friends at a remote cottage, outside her city, to celebrate her pregnancy. As the friends meet, dark secrets surface, like one of the women’s close involvements of a strange and evil cult led by spiritualists, devoted not only to meditation, but also to murder, human sacrifice and other macabre rituals.

When the four friends decide to leave, their cars don’t work, the phone lines have been cut, and the cell phones can’t get a signal, it dawns on them that their happy baby shower has just turned into a nightmare.

According to Illanes, his debut movie, about the four frightened ex-classmates, surrounded by a rabid new-age cult, comes in the form of a retro-slasher and judging by the trailer below, it looks well made and the story sounds a bit innovative, too.

I doubt that we will be able to catch Baby Shower at any theater, but I hope it will find its way to our homes via DVD/Blu-ray in the future, though. Check out the trailer and the eerie poster and leave your thoughts about it below.

Baby Shower Trailer:

The Poster for Baby Shower

Zombie Marathon on AMC Tonight

If you haven’t been living under a rock, for the past couple of weeks, you cannot have missed AMC’s zombie hit series The Walking Dead and the incredible hype it have caused.

But if you have missed the zombie train and doesn’t have a clue what everybody is talking about, AMC gives you a golden opportunity to get on it, with their zombie marathon, starting tonight at 8PM | 7C.

First they’ll re-air the first two episodes of the show, “Days Gone Bye” and “Guts”, before they’ll hit you with the brand new episode, “Tell It to the Frogs” at 10/9c. As icing on the cake, AMC will run the marathon with limited commercial interruption – hats off for that, AMC!

I honestly recommend you to watch this catch-up, even if you don’t like zombies, since it will most surely bite on to you to the degree that you wish it would never end!

Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert Below!

For those of you that have seen the first two episodes, I can tell you that in tonight’s new episode, “Tell It to the Frogs”, Rick heads back to Atlanta, to retrieve weapons and ammo from his stash and to check on Dixon. In the meantime, the return of someone who they thought where dead greatly surprises Lori and Shane and I think that we all can guess who that person is, or can we?

Swedish Duo to Direct Underworld 4

The crew behind Underworld 4 is seriously taking shape now as The Hollywood Reporter writes that Len Wiseman, who helmed the first two Underworld movies, will not be directing this fourth installment.

Instead Wiseman will act as a producer, while the directing will be made by the Swedish directing duo of Bjorn Stein and Mans Marlind, who recently gave us the creepy thriller Shelter, with Julianne Moore as forensic psychiatrist.

Not much has been revealed about the plot, more than it’ll be a direct sequel to Underworld: Evolution. The screenwriter John Hlavin has said that by honoring what we fans love, but also introduce new fresh elements to the story, he hope that the movie will satisfy old fans as well as excite new ones to the franchise.

Except Kate Beckinsale, it’s unclear who else will star in the movie, but I hope that they’ll find a way to include Bill Nighy, since Viktor is one of my favorite Underworld character. However, before the filming will start in March, 2011, in Vancouver I guess that the cast will be complete.

Underworld 4 is slated to hit us on January 20th, 2012, in 3D.

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