Trailer for the Undead Nightmare Pack Unleashed

One of the best videogames this year, at least in my book, must be the epic and much enthralling western game “Red Dead Redemption”, created by the digital wizards at Rockstar Games.

One of the reasons to the game’s success, I think, is the solid and captivating storyline, which is built up around the gunslinger John Marston’s ventures across the American frontier. Another one is that the game doesn’t end, after you have completed it. Thanks to all the fresh content packs that Rockstar Games brings out; your adventure continues, with new and diverse challenges.

A package that will really shake up the dust in the old west is “The Undead Nightmare”-pack, which will be ready for download next Tuesday, October 26.

This package will literally turn the good old west into a living nightmare, as it unleashes rotten and dreadful zombies, who are yearning to fill their mouths with a big chunk of your flesh, as well as giving life to eerie ghost towns and cemeteries. As icing on the cake, they have thrown in a couple of creepy zombie animals, which we can cuddle with, too.

Besides all the fierce addition of zombies, the pack also includes new single player missions and 8 new characters, as well.

This latest preview for the package, done in an atmospheric western style, showcases some of the ways we can choose from, when we head off to slay the rabid zombies, which have invaded the old west.

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