Dean Grows Fangs in Supernatural

All vampire fans will have a blast in the next episode of Supernatural, where Dean is turned into a real savaged blood thirsting vampire.

In the episode, titled “Live Free or Twihard”, a case of missing girls takes Dean and Sam to a small town, where they run into a small group of vampires.

As they confront the vampires, Dean gets bitten and turned into a blood thirsting creature himself. For Dean to become human again, he’ll need the blood of the vampire that bit him, so he infiltrates the vampire nest, trying to find the one who turned him.

In the preview below, you can get a sneak peek of how Dean looks as a raging vampire. I think that he does it really well and there’s no doubt in my mind that he would kick any pale vampire’s ass out there any given night, or what do you think?

Live Free or Twihard Preview:

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