Status Filming: Final Destination 5

Even though the latest “Final Destination” movie wasn’t up to par with the rest of the films, Final Destination is a franchise that I really enjoy watching and I became a bit exuberant as I learned that the shooting of a fifth movie was in full throttle.

The fifth movie, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver, is said to be darker, similar to the first movie, which is good to hear, since I thought that “The Final Destination” almost became a spoof of the franchise itself, with farfetched characters and incoherent deaths.

In the fifth round of cheating death, penned by Eric Heisserer (“A Nightmare on Elm Street” 2010), Sam, a young man, has a premonition that a suspension bridge he’s on is about to collapse, with the result that he manage to save himself and a few others, from a certain death. But since Death’s plan didn’t include any survivors, he begins, in the usual Destination manners, to come up with clever, creative and very deadly events to harvest the poor souls, who managed escaped him on that bridge.

Even though the word around the net is that the starting accident will involves cars, I hope that’s wrong, since we have seen that already, in the previous movies. I would rather see that it’s some sort of rope-bridge that breaks, making the people on it plunging to a splashing death, on a couple of pointy rocks deep below.

Anyway, I guess that we’ll know what kind of accident that Heisserer has come up with, in the first previews from the movie.

In the cast, which looks interesting and skillful, we find names like Emma Bell, which did a great job in “Frozen” recently and Tony Todd, who’s going to reprise the creepy Bludworth, from the previous movies. It’s also said that it’s Nicholas D’Agosto (“Heroes”) who will play the role of Sam.

Like its predecessor, “Final Destination 5” will be shot in 3D and we should be able to see the result around August 26, next year.

For now I think that it sounds that “Final Destination 5” would have all of the right ingredients to become, if not as innovative, at least as good as the two first movies, or what do you think?

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