Supernatural Goes Anime

If you think that the current season of Supernatural is too heavy on the drama, is drifting away from its roots or just isn’t enough to get your Supernatural fix, then the upcoming anime version could be something to look forward to.

Yep, you read it right, an anime version of Supernatural, complete with Dean, Sam, a yellowed eyed demon in a Fedora, monsters and a really good cover of “Carry on my Wayward Son”, to wrap it all up.

The first season of this animated spin-off, a project created by Eric Kripke and produced by the acclaimed Japanese anime studio Madhouse, will span over 22 episodes and follow the events from the live action version closely; but it will also go a tad deeper, exploring the childhood of the Winchesters as well as expanding the role of other side characters.

Warner Home Video will begin to release the series on both Blu-ray and DVD in January next year, starting with the first two episodes on January 12, episodes 3-12 on February 2 and the rest of the episodes on April 6.

Also, you don’t need to rush off to learn Japanese, since it will be subbed as it hit American soil, sometime in February, next year.

I think that this project could be epic and can hardly wait to see it, or what about you?

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