I am Number Four – First Trailer

Sometime ago I wrote about an interesting sci-fi film titled ”I am Number Four” and that I thought it might have what it takes to become the next epic saga to dominate our theaters in the years to come, now as Harry Potter and Twilight are on the homestretch.

Even though this early trailer doesn’t reveal much, besides the background story, I think that the atmosphere and the scenery it showcases look very promising and I think it could become a huge hit.

The story in ”I am Number Four” revolves around nine teenage aliens, who seek shelter on earth, after a sinister alien race destroyed their own planet. Shortly after arriving to earth, they discover that their attackers has followed them here and starting to kill them off, one by one, starting with number one and when we enters the story, number four is up.

The film is slated to enter our theaters on February 18, next year and after that we’ll see if a band of sequels will follow in its footsteps, similar to the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” saga.

I am Number Four–First Trailer

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