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Month: October 2010

Female Slasher Queens – where are they?

We all know of Freddy, Jason, Myers, Pinhead, Chucky and a slew of other pleasant guys who knows how to dismember a body, making us squirm in the process.

But, they’re all men, don’t you found that a little bit strange? Where are all those psycho bitches with a severe case of PMS, hacking and slashing like there was no tomorrow, making the reels drip of blood?

Everyone knows that an angry, betrayed or hurt woman is not to be trifled with, which is something every man or boyfriend can vouch for.

So why aren’t there more female killers in horror?

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Sharp Vampire Movies in the Hopper

As certain as female rabbits have a tendency to develop abrasions, we’ll be washed over with vampire movies in the years to come.

The past decade has given us a whole bunch of sharp vampire movies like, Blade, Underworld, 30 Days of Night, Thirst, Daybreakers and the Twilight Saga, just to mention a few, from the top of my head.

The stream of vampire movies doesn’t seem to dry up anytime soon either, since both 2011 and 2012 offers a couple of exceedingly interesting vampire movies, apart from the mandatory Twilight movies, which I think are worth a closer look.

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Trailer for the Undead Nightmare Pack Unleashed

One of the best videogames this year, at least in my book, must be the epic and much enthralling western game “Red Dead Redemption”, created by the digital wizards at Rockstar Games.

One of the reasons to the game’s success, I think, is the solid and captivating storyline, which is built up around the gunslinger John Marston’s ventures across the American frontier. Another one is that the game doesn’t end, after you have completed it. Thanks to all the fresh content packs that Rockstar Games brings out; your adventure continues, with new and diverse challenges.

A package that will really shake up the dust in the old west is “The Undead Nightmare”-pack, which will be ready for download next Tuesday, October 26.

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Dean Grows Fangs in Supernatural

All vampire fans will have a blast in the next episode of Supernatural, where Dean is turned into a real savaged blood thirsting vampire.

In the episode, titled “Live Free or Twihard”, a case of missing girls takes Dean and Sam to a small town, where they run into a small group of vampires.

As they confront the vampires, Dean gets bitten and turned into a blood thirsting creature himself. For Dean to become human again, he’ll need the blood of the vampire that bit him, so he infiltrates the vampire nest, trying to find the one who turned him.

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Status Filming: Final Destination 5

Even though the latest “Final Destination” movie wasn’t up to par with the rest of the films, Final Destination is a franchise that I really enjoy watching and I became a bit exuberant as I learned that the shooting of a fifth movie was in full throttle.

The fifth movie, which is currently being filmed in Vancouver, is said to be darker, similar to the first movie, which is good to hear, since I thought that “The Final Destination” almost became a spoof of the franchise itself, with farfetched characters and incoherent deaths.

In the fifth round of cheating death, penned by Eric Heisserer (“A Nightmare on Elm Street” 2010), Sam, a young man, has a premonition that a suspension bridge he’s on is about to collapse, with the result that he manage to save himself and a few others, from a certain death. But since Death’s plan didn’t include any survivors, he begins, in the usual Destination manners, to come up with clever, creative and very deadly events to harvest the poor souls, who managed escaped him on that bridge.

Even though the word around the net is that the starting accident will involves cars, I hope that’s wrong, since we have seen that already, in the previous movies. I would rather see that it’s some sort of rope-bridge that breaks, making the people on it plunging to a splashing death, on a couple of pointy rocks deep below.

Anyway, I guess that we’ll know what kind of accident that Heisserer has come up with, in the first previews from the movie.

In the cast, which looks interesting and skillful, we find names like Emma Bell, which did a great job in “Frozen” recently and Tony Todd, who’s going to reprise the creepy Bludworth, from the previous movies. It’s also said that it’s Nicholas D’Agosto (“Heroes”) who will play the role of Sam.

Like its predecessor, “Final Destination 5” will be shot in 3D and we should be able to see the result around August 26, next year.

For now I think that it sounds that “Final Destination 5” would have all of the right ingredients to become, if not as innovative, at least as good as the two first movies, or what do you think?

Supernatural Goes Anime

If you think that the current season of Supernatural is too heavy on the drama, is drifting away from its roots or just isn’t enough to get your Supernatural fix, then the upcoming anime version could be something to look forward to.

Yep, you read it right, an anime version of Supernatural, complete with Dean, Sam, a yellowed eyed demon in a Fedora, monsters and a really good cover of “Carry on my Wayward Son”, to wrap it all up.

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Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark–Trailer

The trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s upcoming remake of the 73’s TV-horror “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark” is quite good and conveys a rather eerie atmosphere.

I really like the clip at the end of the trailer, where someone uses a flashlight to examine what might lurk under the covers of a bed and finds something that isn’t supposed to be there…

The story in “Don’t Be Afraid of The Dark”, revolves around Sally, a young girl, who after moving in with her dad and his new girlfriend, discovers that the house is inhabited by a bunch scary monsters, which are anything but friendly…

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I am Number Four – First Trailer

Sometime ago I wrote about an interesting sci-fi film titled ”I am Number Four” and that I thought it might have what it takes to become the next epic saga to dominate our theaters in the years to come, now as Harry Potter and Twilight are on the homestretch.

Even though this early trailer doesn’t reveal much, besides the background story, I think that the atmosphere and the scenery it showcases look very promising and I think it could become a huge hit.

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