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New Stills from the Upcoming Sci-fi Horror Altitude

Anchor Bay has just released a couple of stills from their highflying horror flick “Altitude”, which will smash into the shelves on October 26, next month.

In Altitude, we go airborne with a bunch of college kids as they depart on a weekend trip, in a small airplane. Shortly after takeoff, an unexplained malfunction forces the plane straight into the heart of an ominously storm, where the young passengers’ meet a devilishly entity.

I think that the twist of putting a bunch of college kids in an airplane instead of the usual sites of remote cabins, camps or villages sounds interesting and I look forward to see it. You can check out the trailer by following this link.

Hm, that little clonk didn’t sound good...

I don't like this frigging airplane food.

I promise, I’ll not kick your seat again!

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