The Poster for “Fertile Ground”

The poster for Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson’s upcoming horror piece “Fertile Ground” is quite startling and that little skull, sitting on the ground, really managed to caught my attention.

“Fertile Ground”, revolves around Emily (Leisha Hailey) and Nate Weaver (Gale Harold), which decides to leave the city for the rural comfort of Nate’s ancestral home, isolated in the country.

As they settle in, Emily starts to experiencing horrifying visions and the ghosts, which is inhabiting her new home. When she sees that Nate’s behavior suddenly undergoes a frightening transformation, it becomes clear for Emily that she might be the latest addition to a murderous tradition…

One of the producers, Courtney Solomon (“An American Haunting”, “Scream of the Banshee”), said the following about the movie, “Leisha Hailey is completely convincing as a woman in peril. As the plot thickens, twists and surprises unfold that keep the viewer engaged and in constant suspense.

I think the poster gives a quite eerie impression, yet tantalizing obscene at the same time, however they could have made the blood, running over the skull, a bit more prominent, but overall I found it really mind-blowing and together with the plot, it makes me yearn for the trailer.

The release date for “Fertile Ground” and all eight films in the Originals series, is scheduled for January, 2011.

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