Altitude Ready for Take-Off on DVD/Blu-ray

A couple of months back Anchor Bay picked up the distribution rights for “Altitude” and now they have cleared it for take-off, on DVD/Blue-ray, on October 26th.

“Altitude” takes the suspense to new heights, among the darkest of clouds, as a group of friends decides to go for a trip over the weekend, in a small plane.

Shortly after take-off, a malfunction forces their plane to soar, right into the center of a mysterious storm. Soon they realize that there’s something deadly and unnatural lurking in the dark clouds, forcing them to fight for their survival, high up in the air.

This is the first feature from the award-winning graphic artist and music video director Kaare Andrews and produced by Escape Factory’s Ian Birkett. In the young up-and-coming cast we’ll find Jessica Lowndes (“The Haunting of Molly Hartley”) and Julianna Guill (“Friday the 13th 2010”), whom both have starred in “90210”, as well.

Even thought the concept isn’t exactly original, I found the setting interesting – a group of teenagers trapped in a narrow space – which could leave us with a really intense and exciting story, if it’s done right.

I think that he trailer looks promising, although I’m a bit concerned over the obvious connection between the events in the storm and the monster in the comic… But that’s just me, why don’t you check out the trailer below and tell us whether “Altitude” will be able to give you a shuddering vertigo or not.

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