The Last Exorcism Possess the Weekend

Since “The Last Exorcism” managed to scare its way to first place this weekend, where “Piranha” only managed to snip off a sixth place last weekend, it seems that moviegoers are more interested in possessed girls, than a bunch flesh-eating guppies munching on bewildered college kids.

Even though Eli Roth and Daniel Stamm’s anticipated horror piece, sold tickets for about $23M, it didn’t manage to beat the re-boot of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”, which sold tickets for over $32M, as Freddy shoved his blades into first place at the box office, back in April.

However, when you check out the reviews for “The Last Exorcism”, you’ll see a funny thing. As the majority of the ‘established’ critics gives the film their thumbs up, the buzz around the net doesn’t – usually it tends to be the other way around.

The pros utter things like,

“It pulled the rug out from under me. I left surprised and smiling.” – Dave White at


“It’s not just the hand-held camera that will shake you up. The Last Exorcism gives you good reason to be very afraid of the dark.” – Peter Travers at Rolling Stone

But the opinions around various forums and blogs are a bit mixed, with a predominantly negative tone, accompanied by remarks like “I want a refund! Waste of time!”, “Horror fans, AVOID this film”, “Possibly the Worst horror flick ever?” and “So bad, it’s funny!”, etc.

It seems to be the ending that upset people the most. Now, I haven’t dared to read any of those reviews in whole, since they probably contain spoilers, so I cannot say if “The Last Exorcism” deserve some of its negative buzz, or not.

Nonetheless, since I’m a huge sucker of these kind of movies, I’ll probably enjoy every reel of it, regardless if the ending is controversial or not. I will try to catch it as soon as possible and give you a spoiler free review of it.

If you’ve seen “The Last Exorcism”, or if you plan to, feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

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