I Spit on Your Grave – Theatrical Poster

Anchor Bay Films has just released a theatrical a poster for their upcoming remake of the controversial rape and revenge movie “I Spit on Your Grave”, from 1978.

The movie tells the cruel fate of the young writer Jennifer (Sarah Butler), who retreats to a remote cabin, to work on her upcoming book. At her cabin Jennifer gets attacked by a couple of ruthless thugs, who tortures and savagely rapes her, before she escapes by throwing herself in a raging river, nearby.

After a while, the thugs stops looking for her body, presuming she’s dead and goes back to their normal lives. Little do they know that, not only did Jennifer survive, she also recovered and is now looking for a bloody revenge on her attackers.

I think that this black and white poster, mimicking its 78′ original perfectly, looks both intense and grueling, while it manages to convey a double-edged roughness, of both victim and avenger.

It’s clear that a movie about a girl being brutally beaten and raped, will be seen as highly controversial. However, for the very same reason, I hope that it will get a lot of attention, since it might help to highlight women abuse and how to create a society that does not tolerate violence against women.

“I Spit on Your Grave”, will hit theaters on October 8, and you can catch the trailer, after the poster, as well as share your thoughts about this movie, in the comments below.

I Spit on Your Grave Unrated Poster


2 thoughts on “I Spit on Your Grave – Theatrical Poster

  1. Wow this movie looks intense, it reminds me somewhat of Last House on the Left… strong female roles are always great for horror movies. Pig Hunt has a pretty strong female figure from the looks of it, I’ve added it to my netflix for when its released on dvd.


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