Yesterday I wrote about Glenn Ciano’s new project, the zombie flick “Infected”, and if you thought that “Infected” sounded cool, then you’ll be even more excited over his upcoming movie “Inkubus”, starring the horror legend Robert Englund, as well as William Forsythe, which we’ll hopefully can feast our eyes on, towards the end of this year.

In “Inkabus” we meet a skeleton crew, working the last night-shift at a closing police station. As the dreadful demon Inkabus suddenly strolls into the station, with the severed head from a murdered girl in his hand, the night takes an unexpected and ghastly turn for the officers.

To the surprise of the officers, Inkubus lets them arrest him and he even starts to confess his horrendous crimes, some of them dating back to the Middle Ages. When Inkubus wants to call detective Diamante (William Forsythe), the one who almost put him away 13 years ago, the officers quickly becomes pawns in the demon’s brutal crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem.

Robert Englund, who gets a lot of horror scripts sent to him, said in an interview, that this script really stood out and that he immediately fell for it. He also liked the site where the movie was shoot, the old Cranston Police Station in Rhode Island, since he felt that it was perfect to create the paralyzing fear, present in the movie.

Besides that the movie feels freshly creative and enthralling, I think that the vicious Inkubus, feels so strong and extraordinary, that it wouldn’t surprise me if it grows to be almost, as epic as Englund’s legendary character, Freddy Krueger. There is already plans on turning “Inkubus” into a franchise, but I guess we should actually see “Inkubus” first, before we start talking about whether it’s worthy of becoming a franchise or not.

Nevertheless, I must admit that the movie feels very tantalizing and I hope to see a groovy teaser soon. What do you think, does Inkubus has what it takes to become a new Freddy Krueger?

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