Saw II: Flesh and Blood – Game Trailer

In the upcoming Saw game “Saw II: Flesh and Blood” from Konami, you’ll step into the world of Saw, and test your own will to survive, by trying to beat the gruesome traps, accompanied by the voice of Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell.

The story in “Saw II: Flesh and Blood”, takes place between the second and third “Saw” movies, introducing a new character, Michael, the son of David Tapp. Michael starts to look into his father’s death, which leads him into a lethal cat and mouse game, with the Jigsaw killer himself.

It’s up to you to lead him through factories, sewers and other places, to pursue the dreadful killer and find the clues behind David Tapp’s death, while making life and death decisions, as you witness others and yourself, being destroyed by the traps.

Even though I prefer horror games, which offers some sort of psychological terror, similar as in “Siren: Blood Curse”, and not just some mindless hacking and slashing, getting the chance to play with the gory and limb ripping traps from Saw, feels way to tantalizing to let it slip away, though.

“Saw II: Flesh and Blood”, will hit the stores around the same time as “Saw VII” hits the theaters, this fall, on October 22. Check out the game trailer below, before you hit the comments and let us now what you think.

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