McKellen Talks The Hobbit

The speculations whether “The Hobbit” will ever be made or not, and who’s going to star in it, continued as Ian McKellen did an interview recently, for a morning show in New Zealand, were he currently tours with the play, “Waiting for Godot”.

McKellen said that he has no news to give about “The Hobbit”, besides that an announcement is imminent. Dare we guess that he means the Comic Con, later this month?

What’s worries me, a little, is that he says that he’s not under any contract and he’s not sitting around waiting for Peter Jackson and the rest of the producers to get their things in order.

Now, this could just means that he knows more than he’s allowed to say at the moment or that he just eager to get a contract, soon.

Now, if Ian McKellen is not able to dress up in the white robe again, maybe Sir Sean Connery wants to give it a shoot. After all, back in 1999 New Line Cinema offered him the role, together with around 10-15% of the worldwide box office takings, but Sir Sean turned it down, since he couldn’t grasp the complicated plot.

Nevertheless, since I would have a hard time seeing anyone else than McKellen as Gandalf, I really hope and believe that everything will work out, in the end.

Here’s the interview with McKellen and he starts talking about “The Hobbit” around 4:30 in, if you want to fast forward.

What is your take on this, will “The Hobbit” be the same without McKellen as Gandalf, and if so, who would you like to see in the white robe instead?

Photo: Copyright © New Line Cinema

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