My Biggest Fear – Hornets

Today I thought I would share one of my biggest fears – hornets. There are few things that can scare me as much as those dreadful creatures can. I instantly get in a survival mode,as soon as I spot one, which has put me in a few embarrassing situations, like the time I visited my parents in law.

It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was in great spirits, the sky was blue and the birds chirped. My parents in law served up cake, cookies and coffee on their balcony, one floor up. I was seated in the corner, with the table in front of me and my mother in law next to me, so I was pretty locked up.

Suddenly, as we sat there, small talking and eating the tasty strawberry cake, I saw a giant hornet hovering in front of me. My heart started to pound like crazy and the panic took control over my body.

Since the table and my mother in law, prevented me from running away, my primal instincts took control and sent me over the balcony railing. A few moments later, I found myself sitting in the middle of their flowerbed and saw how the others looked down on me, as if I was a mental patient on the run, or something.

Things weren’t improved by the fact that I was the only one who had seen the hornet, either…

Nevertheless, this became a rather long intro to the real purpose of this post – a video showing you how bloodthirsty and ruthless hornets can be.

The horrific video below, depicts how a gang of Japanese hornets, almost three inches long, are pounding the shit out of an entire colony of 30,000 bees, by literally tearing them apart.

Looking at these remorseless demons flying around, creating havoc, is horror beyond my imagination. What about you, what are your biggest fears, when it comes to insects and animals?

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