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Month: July 2010

I Spit on Your Grave – Theatrical Poster

Anchor Bay Films has just released a theatrical a poster for their upcoming remake of the controversial rape and revenge movie “I Spit on Your Grave”, from 1978.

The movie tells the cruel fate of the young writer Jennifer (Sarah Butler), who retreats to a remote cabin, to work on her upcoming book. At her cabin Jennifer gets attacked by a couple of ruthless thugs, who tortures and savagely rapes her, before she escapes by throwing herself in a raging river, nearby.

After a while, the thugs stops looking for her body, presuming she’s dead and goes back to their normal lives. Little do they know that, not only did Jennifer survive, she also recovered and is now looking for a bloody revenge on her attackers.

I think that this black and white poster, mimicking its 78′ original perfectly, looks both intense and grueling, while it manages to convey a double-edged roughness, of both victim and avenger.

It’s clear that a movie about a girl being brutally beaten and raped, will be seen as highly controversial. However, for the very same reason, I hope that it will get a lot of attention, since it might help to highlight women abuse and how to create a society that does not tolerate violence against women.

“I Spit on Your Grave”, will hit theaters on October 8, and you can catch the trailer, after the poster, as well as share your thoughts about this movie, in the comments below.

I Spit on Your Grave Unrated Poster


Yesterday I wrote about Glenn Ciano’s new project, the zombie flick “Infected”, and if you thought that “Infected” sounded cool, then you’ll be even more excited over his upcoming movie “Inkubus”, starring the horror legend Robert Englund, as well as William Forsythe, which we’ll hopefully can feast our eyes on, towards the end of this year.

In “Inkabus” we meet a skeleton crew, working the last night-shift at a closing police station. As the dreadful demon Inkabus suddenly strolls into the station, with the severed head from a murdered girl in his hand, the night takes an unexpected and ghastly turn for the officers.

To the surprise of the officers, Inkubus lets them arrest him and he even starts to confess his horrendous crimes, some of them dating back to the Middle Ages. When Inkubus wants to call detective Diamante (William Forsythe), the one who almost put him away 13 years ago, the officers quickly becomes pawns in the demon’s brutal crowning achievement of murder, gore, and mayhem.

Robert Englund, who gets a lot of horror scripts sent to him, said in an interview, that this script really stood out and that he immediately fell for it. He also liked the site where the movie was shoot, the old Cranston Police Station in Rhode Island, since he felt that it was perfect to create the paralyzing fear, present in the movie.

Besides that the movie feels freshly creative and enthralling, I think that the vicious Inkubus, feels so strong and extraordinary, that it wouldn’t surprise me if it grows to be almost, as epic as Englund’s legendary character, Freddy Krueger. There is already plans on turning “Inkubus” into a franchise, but I guess we should actually see “Inkubus” first, before we start talking about whether it’s worthy of becoming a franchise or not.

Nevertheless, I must admit that the movie feels very tantalizing and I hope to see a groovy teaser soon. What do you think, does Inkubus has what it takes to become a new Freddy Krueger?

Ciano Infects Madsen

According to Variety Michael Madsen will star in the upcoming indie horror “Infected”, directed and written by Glenn Ciano, the man behind the upcoming horror movie “Inkubus”. Tom DeNucci, who did a role in “Inkubus”, has also signed up for this one.

The story in “Infected” revolves around a father and son on a hunting trip, which turns into a fight for survival as a dreadful blood virus infects a group of hunters, turning them into mindless flesh-eating zombies.

Even though that no official statements has been made about the casting, a qualified guess would be that we’ll Madsen as the father and Tom DeNucci as the son.

Right now, the movie is in early development and filming is slated to start in October, so it’ll probably take a while before we’ll see any solid results from this. Anyway, in the mean time we can look forward to Ciano’s first nightmare “Inkubus”, which is said to be released towards the end of the year.

I think that “Infected” sounds intriguing, like a zombie version of “Deliverance” and it’ll be interesting to see what we really get in the end.

Photos from Nispel’s Conan (2011)

Here is a couple of photos from Marcus Nispel’s take on Conan the Barbarian, which will storm into our theaters next year, featuring Jason Momoa as Conan.

I think that Momoa looks surprisingly good as the savage barbarian, almost like the Conan in the Marvel comics. It’s clear the he was better suited for the role, than the other two, who was considered for the role in the beginning – Kellan Lutz or Jared Padalecki.

Even though I doesn’t know much about Momoa, more than it sounds that he takes this role seriously and that Nispel might be the weakest link here, I still look forward to “Conan”, or at least to the first teaser, anyway.

I hope that the movie doesn’t turns out to be some type of glamorous adventure flick, like the recent “Prince of Persia” movie. No, I want some crude brutal barbarian action, with limbs and heads being chopped off, all wrapped up by fierce stop-motion sequences and an epic score, similar to “300” or “Gladiator”!

Anyway, this movie will be a new adaptation of the saga about Conan, who sets out to avenge the murder of his father and the slaughter of his village. It will also be separated from the Conan movies that were made in the 80’s, which starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as the sword slinging barbarian.

Conan the Barbarian (2011) Photos

Update 13 March: View the first teaser trailer for Conan the Barbarian »

Source: Conan – The Movie Blog
Photo: Copyright © Lionsgate

Saw II: Flesh and Blood – Game Trailer

In the upcoming Saw game “Saw II: Flesh and Blood” from Konami, you’ll step into the world of Saw, and test your own will to survive, by trying to beat the gruesome traps, accompanied by the voice of Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell.

The story in “Saw II: Flesh and Blood”, takes place between the second and third “Saw” movies, introducing a new character, Michael, the son of David Tapp. Michael starts to look into his father’s death, which leads him into a lethal cat and mouse game, with the Jigsaw killer himself.

It’s up to you to lead him through factories, sewers and other places, to pursue the dreadful killer and find the clues behind David Tapp’s death, while making life and death decisions, as you witness others and yourself, being destroyed by the traps.

Even though I prefer horror games, which offers some sort of psychological terror, similar as in “Siren: Blood Curse”, and not just some mindless hacking and slashing, getting the chance to play with the gory and limb ripping traps from Saw, feels way to tantalizing to let it slip away, though.

“Saw II: Flesh and Blood”, will hit the stores around the same time as “Saw VII” hits the theaters, this fall, on October 22. Check out the game trailer below, before you hit the comments and let us now what you think.

McKellen Talks The Hobbit

The speculations whether “The Hobbit” will ever be made or not, and who’s going to star in it, continued as Ian McKellen did an interview recently, for a morning show in New Zealand, were he currently tours with the play, “Waiting for Godot”.

McKellen said that he has no news to give about “The Hobbit”, besides that an announcement is imminent. Dare we guess that he means the Comic Con, later this month?

What’s worries me, a little, is that he says that he’s not under any contract and he’s not sitting around waiting for Peter Jackson and the rest of the producers to get their things in order.

Now, this could just means that he knows more than he’s allowed to say at the moment or that he just eager to get a contract, soon.

Now, if Ian McKellen is not able to dress up in the white robe again, maybe Sir Sean Connery wants to give it a shoot. After all, back in 1999 New Line Cinema offered him the role, together with around 10-15% of the worldwide box office takings, but Sir Sean turned it down, since he couldn’t grasp the complicated plot.

Nevertheless, since I would have a hard time seeing anyone else than McKellen as Gandalf, I really hope and believe that everything will work out, in the end.

Here’s the interview with McKellen and he starts talking about “The Hobbit” around 4:30 in, if you want to fast forward.

What is your take on this, will “The Hobbit” be the same without McKellen as Gandalf, and if so, who would you like to see in the white robe instead?

Photo: Copyright © New Line Cinema

Wicked Cool Piranha 3-D Poster

The French poster for Alexandre Aja’s 3-D remake of “Piranha” from 1978, surfaced the net today. I think, in the way it manage to capture the story of the movie with its obvious “Jaws” influences, makes it wicked cool and way better than the US theatrical poster.

But perhaps it’s because I grew up in the seventies, I like the French poster better. The theatrical version might attract a younger audience better, or what do you think?

The French Piranha 3-D Poster

Piranha 3-D - The French Version

US Theatrical Poster

Piranha 3-D - Theatrical US Poster

The story in “Piranha 3-D” takes place in the sleepy town Lake Victoria, which gets invaded by hordes of party crazy students. While they starts to celebrate Spring Break, an underwater tremor shakes the lake, which frees a big shoal of bloodthirsty Piranhas, ready to feast on some fresh college meat.

Among the ones, who will try avoiding becoming fish food, we find a lot of well-known names like, Elisabeth Shue, Kelly Brook, Richard Dreyfuss, Jerry O’Connell, Christopher Lloyd, Ving Rhames, Dina Meyer and Eli Roth.

“Piranha 3-D” will jump out from the silver-screen, ready to munch away, on August 20, 2010.

Source: Filmsactu
Photo: © Copyright Dimension Films

My Biggest Fear – Hornets

Today I thought I would share one of my biggest fears – hornets. There are few things that can scare me as much as those dreadful creatures can. I instantly get in a survival mode,as soon as I spot one, which has put me in a few embarrassing situations, like the time I visited my parents in law.

It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was in great spirits, the sky was blue and the birds chirped. My parents in law served up cake, cookies and coffee on their balcony, one floor up. I was seated in the corner, with the table in front of me and my mother in law next to me, so I was pretty locked up.

Suddenly, as we sat there, small talking and eating the tasty strawberry cake, I saw a giant hornet hovering in front of me. My heart started to pound like crazy and the panic took control over my body.

Since the table and my mother in law, prevented me from running away, my primal instincts took control and sent me over the balcony railing. A few moments later, I found myself sitting in the middle of their flowerbed and saw how the others looked down on me, as if I was a mental patient on the run, or something.

Things weren’t improved by the fact that I was the only one who had seen the hornet, either…

Nevertheless, this became a rather long intro to the real purpose of this post – a video showing you how bloodthirsty and ruthless hornets can be.

The horrific video below, depicts how a gang of Japanese hornets, almost three inches long, are pounding the shit out of an entire colony of 30,000 bees, by literally tearing them apart.

Looking at these remorseless demons flying around, creating havoc, is horror beyond my imagination. What about you, what are your biggest fears, when it comes to insects and animals?

Paranormal Teaser too Ghastly for Moviegoers

I don’t know if it’s the people in Texas that are like frighten rabbits or if it’s the marketing guys over at Paramount that are extremely clever, to get free commercial. But after I have seen the teaser for “Paranormal Activity 2”, I guess the latter.

Paramount was very successful with creating a landslide buzz around the first one, so successful that “Paranormal Activity” has brought home $183M, from all over the world, to date. Not bad for a movie that only cost around $11,000 to make.

It seems that the sequel “Paranormal Activity 2”, will get at least the same amount of buzz, now as theaters in Texas has decided to pull the teaser, due to frequently complaints from the audience, which think it’s too horrific.

You can watch the teaser below and decide for yourself – is it really that ghastly?!

Paranormal Activity 2 Teaser Trailer

“Paranormal Activity 2” will sneak up behind you, in a theater, on October 22, 2010.

10 Answers to Your Questions About Twilight

If you find yourself baffled, feeling like a complete air-head, while people around you talks about the Twilight movies, firing off expressions like Bella, the Edward and Jacob team, vegetarian vampires and other strange terms, then these 10 answers about the Twilight Saga, could be helpful.

This little Twilight F.A.Q answers some of the most common questions, people have about the Twilight movies, according to searches conducted on the net. I have tried not to include any major spoilers, but there could be a few of small ones in there, though.

What is Twilight?

Twilight is a romantic fantasy story, about the love between a human girl and a vampire. The saga spans over four books, written by Stephenie Meyer, who got the idea from a dream. The saga centers on Bella Swan, who falls in love with the vampire Edward Cullen, and the complications that follows.

Who are the Main Characters of Twilight?

Bella Swan

Is a 17-year-old girl, who moves to live with her father Charlie, in Forks, Arizona. At her new school, she grows a romantic interest in the vampire, Edward Cullen. Kristen Stewart plays the role of Bella.

Edward Cullen

Is a vampire, who was born in 1901 and became a vampire when he was 17 years old. He lives in Forks, with his parents; Carlisle and Esme Cullen, and his siblings, Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett and Alice Cullen. Edward is a vegetarian, which means that he only drinks blood from animals. Edward’s love interest is Bella, but her being a human, makes things complicated. Robert Pattinson plays the role of Edward.

Jacob Black

Jacob is 16 years old and Bella’s friend. He also represent the other fantasy species in the Twilight Saga – the werewolves. Jacob also has feelings for Bella and competes against Edward, to win her heart. Taylor Lautner plays the role of Jacob.

Alice Cullen

Alice was adopted into the Cullen family by, Carlisle and Esme Cullen, and is a close friend to Bella. As a human, Alice was a precognitive, an ability that greatly enhanced as she became a vampire and now she can see “subjective” visions of the future. Ashley Greene plays the role of Alice.

Who Plays James in Twilight

Cam Gigandet plays the role of the merciless vampire James, who enjoys hunting and killing humans for fun.

When is the Twilight Movies Coming Out?

Catherine Hardwicke directed the first Twilight movie, which came out in November 21, 2008.

Chris Weitz directed the second movie, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, which saw the inside of theaters in November 20, 2009.

David Slade helmed the third movie, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”, which came out on June 30, 2010.

Bill Condon got the honor to direct the last movie in the saga, “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”, which will be split into two movies. The first part, will come out on November 18, 2011, with the second part following sometime in 2012, probably in the summer.

Where are the Twilight Movies Being Filmed?

The Twilight saga was shoot at various locations around the US and British Columbia, Canada. The crew also visited Montepulciano, Italy, to shoot scenes for the “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, as well. Since the “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” is in pre-production, the filming locations hasn’t been revealed yet.

What is Team Edward and Team Jacob

The fans who wants Bella to choose Edward belongs to Team Edward. The ones who wants her to pick Jacob, belongs to Team Jacob.

What is the Name of the Book Store, in the Movie Twilight that Bella goes to?

The name of the store is, Thunder Bird and Whale Bookstore.

Why Does Rosalie Cullen Dislike Bella?

Rosalie envy Bella because she wants to be a human, as well.

What is the First Line Spoken in the Movie Twilight?

“I can’t bring myself to regret the decision to leave home.”

What is “lemon” in Twilight Fan Fiction

The term “lemon” in Twilight fan fiction means that the story has explicit sexual content.

Why Do You Like Twilight?

This question I leave for you to answer. So be honest, what is it with Twilight that makes you enjoy it or dislike it so much? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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