I Spit on Your Grave – Theatrical Poster

Anchor Bay Films has just released a theatrical a poster for their upcoming remake of the controversial rape and revenge movie “I Spit on Your Grave”, from 1978. The movie tells the cruel fate of the young writer Jennifer (Sarah Butler), who retreats to a remote cabin, to work on her upcoming book. At her … Read more


Yesterday I wrote about Glenn Ciano’s new project, the zombie flick “Infected”, and if you thought that “Infected” sounded cool, then you’ll be even more excited over his upcoming movie “Inkubus”, starring the horror legend Robert Englund, as well as William Forsythe, which we’ll hopefully can feast our eyes on, towards the end of this … Read more

Ciano Infects Madsen

According to Variety Michael Madsen will star in the upcoming indie horror “Infected”, directed and written by Glenn Ciano, the man behind the upcoming horror movie “Inkubus”. Tom DeNucci, who did a role in “Inkubus”, has also signed up for this one. The story in “Infected” revolves around a father and son on a hunting … Read more

Photos from Nispel’s Conan (2011)

Here is a couple of photos from Marcus Nispel’s take on Conan the Barbarian, which will storm into our theaters next year, featuring Jason Momoa as Conan. I think that Momoa looks surprisingly good as the savage barbarian, almost like the Conan in the Marvel comics. It’s clear the he was better suited for the … Read more

Saw II: Flesh and Blood – Game Trailer

In the upcoming Saw game “Saw II: Flesh and Blood” from Konami, you’ll step into the world of Saw, and test your own will to survive, by trying to beat the gruesome traps, accompanied by the voice of Jigsaw himself, Tobin Bell. The story in “Saw II: Flesh and Blood”, takes place between the second … Read more