Jackson Close to Helm The Hobbit

With all these twists and turns around “The Hobbit”, the project must now contain that much drama and excitement that the project would make a decent movie by itself.

I would not be surprised, if someone sets out to make one, within a couple of years or so.

Anyway, the biggest buzz around the project now, is whether Peter Jackson will jump up in the directors chair or not. However, I would bet that Jackson understands, now when Guillermo Del Toro isn’t an option anymore, that he is the only one left, worthy of taking “The Hobbit” to the silver screen – completing his epic saga about Middle Earth, at the same time.

Nevertheless, since MGM holds a big part of the rights, nothing will happen until their financial situation gets resolved, though.

Even though Del Toro is a magnificent director, it wouldn’t be the same feeling as Jackson created in “Lord of the Rings”, which is the feeling many would pay to experience once again. So, I guess if Jackson agrees to direct “The Hobbit”, things might look a bit brighter in the financial department, as well.

After all, Del Toro said in an interview recently, that much of the preparations are already done. The sets, creatures and wardrobe is already designed, plus they have done the animatics and planned out the battles sequences.

Therefore, my best guess is that as soon as Jackson says yes, the suits will make sure that we’ll be able to see the first part of “The Hobbit”, within two years.

We all know that Jackson will say yes, eventually. So now we only have to wait for him to realize that as well. Then we can start discussing who will play Bilbo, since I doubt that Ian Holm will reprise his role from “Lord of the Rings”, or…

Photo Credit: Daniel Semper

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