Miley Cyrus Eyeballing Wake

The dream theme seems to gain popularity recently, as an add-on for movies with a supernatural theme, with Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” coming up and the re-boot of “A Nightmare on Elm street” before that.

Now Paramount and MTV Films are teaming up to take Lisa McMann’s paranormal teen series “Wake” to the silver screen and no other than the Disney star Miley Cyrus is eyeballing the lead.

The “Wake” is a story, spanning over 3 books, which follows the 17-year-old girl Janie, who has a weird ability, she gets sucked into people dreams, where she experiences all kind of dreams, like falling dreams, naked-but-nobody- notices dreams, and of course the sex-crazed dreams. Janie sees her ability as a curse, something that she doesn’t want nor control.

In the first book, which screenwriter/director Christopher B. Landon (“Disturbia”, “Burning Palms“) will adapt, Janie is caught up in a ghastly nightmare and instead of being a witness to someone else’s twisted psyche, she finds herself to be a participant.

“Wake” is followed by “Fade”, in which Janie and her boyfriend tries to reveal a sexual predator teaching at a high school. In the third book, “Gone”, Janie must choose, whether to continue to be a part of society and help the police, with the risk of becoming both blind and disabled, or to isolate herself completely. As Janie meets her father, who’s in a coma, and begins to show essential information to her, through his dreams, things gets even more complicated for her.

I think that the story, as a physiological thriller with supernatural elements and a touch of drama, sounds intriguing and could probably turn out to become a really interesting franchise, to follow.

Whether Miley Cyrus will star in this planned trilogy or not, depends on the finished script. Since I have only seen Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, and this role sounds to be slightly more demanding than that, I’m a bit unsure whether she’s up for it or not. However, if she decides to do it, I guess it would be a little of an acid test for her – either she makes or breaks it.

Nevertheless, I guess it’ll take a while before we’ll get to see some real result of this venture, but in the meantime we can read the books, which are all available at Amazon.


One thought on “Miley Cyrus Eyeballing Wake

  1. C’mon. Miley Cyrus in a supernatural movie? Even if this isn’t backed by Disney, this still sounds awful. Now if they used someone like ex-Mickey Mouse Club member Kerri Russell, then we are talking talent. I read that she’s supposed to be in a film called Grimm Love and it’s part of a contest Fangoria is doing.


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