Jonah Hex – Fighting Clip

This Friday (June 18th), the scarred gunslinger Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin), accompanied by the gun-wielding prostitute Lilah (Megan Fox), the psychopathic Irishman Burke (Michael Fassbender) and the baleful Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich), will skedaddle into the theaters.

Warner has recently released a new clip from the movie, via Yahoo, so that we can get a first glimpse of what to expect from this western adventure. The clip features Jonah Hex rough-and-tumble with Burke, on a dock.

I will be frank, this lame fight scene wasn’t enough to get me pumped up, it felt way to stiff and staged to come off as genuine western rumble, in my opinion. But perhaps we shouldn’t ask too much of this popcorn Western, either. Nevertheless, I liked the witty comment that Jonah says, in the end, just before he’s about to bury the broken kerosene lamp in Burke’s face. That’s always something.

Here is the clip and feel free to head down to the comments and express your opinion about it.

Photo: © DC Comics

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