John Carpenter Signs up for Fangland

Vampires are hot stuff at the movies and that doesn’t seem to end, not for a long while, I reckon. You might recall that I wrote about that Tarantino could be eyeballing Dracula, since he was visiting a bunch of castles in Vienna, not that long ago?

Now, it looks like another, very acclaimed director, will beat him to it – John Carpenter!

The 62 years old director has signed on to direct the film adaptation of John Marks award-winning novel “Fangland”, from a script written by Mark Wheaton, who recently penned the ’09 version of “Friday the 13th”.

The story revolves around Evangeline Harker, a New York based producer who travels to Romania, to get an interview with the infamous arms dealer, Ion Torgu. Harker meets up with Torgu, only to find out that he’s a modern-day Dracula, who imprison her.

For months, no one is aware of Harker’s whereabouts, before she suddenly turns up in a monastery and at the same time, Dracula emerges in New York City…

Hilary Swank, who also is one of the producers, is set to play Evangeline Harker, but apart from that, no other role is set. However, I guess that we’ll get much more info about this movie, in the following months, and I think it’ll be very exciting to follow the development, especially to see who they cast to play Dracula!

So, from being absent from the director’s seat since 2001, when he did “Ghost of Mars”, it looks like Carpenter is about to make a highly anticipated comeback, to the silver screen. First, he will give us “The Ward” starring Amber Heard in September 24, and after that he will sink his teeth into “Fangland”, slated to hit the theaters sometime next year.

I think it sounds rattling! What do you think about this?

Source: DreadCentral

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