The Reef – A Wet, Deadly Nightmare

A trailer for director/writer Andrew Traucki’s (“Black Water”) latest movie, “The Reef”, has surfaced and it seems that we’re in for a rather nail-biting piece.

In “The Reef”, which is based on real events, four friends enjoys a careless sailing trip along the stunningly beautiful Great Barrier Reef, as their boat suddenly capsizes.

When they start to swim ashore and discovers a creepy 15-foot great white shark is stalking them, the panic sets in and a wet and deadly nightmare begins.

“The Reef” was screened at Cannes, last month, and the buzz around it says it’s rattling, packed with shocking and realistic shark attacks, made by some great effects and shoots with real sharks, even!

I Can hardly wait to let this bad boy sink its white teeth into me, sometime later this year!

The Reef Trailer

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