Will Nine Teenage Aliens Be The Next Hype?

I am Number Four - Book Cover

What have nine teenage aliens have in common with pale vampires and young wizards?

Well, I believe that those aliens has what it takes to take up the baton and become the next hype, now as both the Twilight and Harry Potter saga soon will come to an end.

I’m referring to the upcoming Sci-fi book and movie “I am Number Four”, which I think has all the ingredients, to become the next colossal hype.

“I am Number Four” has already started to grow an active and devoted fan base. It also has manage to enchant two of our times biggest movie moguls, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, who now are working to bring it to the silver screen. So we know it’ll be a big, action packed adventure, nonetheless.

Bay had also said the following about it, “Number Four is a hero for this generation.” Considering that this saga is planned to span over six books, it could actually charm a whole generation, for a couple of years, until the next hype comes along.

Refugees From an Alien Planet…

In the core of the story, we find nine teenage aliens who has come to earth, after a hostile alien race wiped out their home planet, Lorien. Since they look much like us, they blend into our society, with ease. They also discovers that they have powers, far beyond the humans, such as strength and speed.

The hero in the story is, alien Number Four, who takes on the ordinary name John Smith. He also discovers earthly love, as he soon finds himself entangled in a love drama, involving his fellow alien Number Six and a human girl.

Of course, this newfound happiness comes to an abrupt end, as the aliens who wiped out their planet, tracks them down and starts killing them, in a sequential order, starting with Number Nine. As John realize that his number is up, he sees an opportunity to avenge his dead fellow aliens.

However, if he fails, we are up next.

Strike While the Iron is Hot.

I think that the storyline feels surprisingly fresh. Even though it has all the usual elements of suspense, mystic and exotic beings, tragic destinies, death and of course love, I still think it offers a different approach to the worn out, look-I’m-a-mutant/vampire outline.

Which may also be the reason to why Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg plans to have their movie out in the theaters, as soon as next year.

The filming has already begun, with D. J. Caruso (“ Disturbia” “Smallville”) as the director and among its stars we find names like, Alex Pettyfer (“Beastly”), Dianna Agron (“Glee”) Timothy Olyphant (“Hitman”) and Kevin Durand (“Legion”).

First The Book

However, before we’ll see “I am Number Four” in the theaters, the book will strike us first. A book that is extremely captivating and so vivid that it feels like you’re actually inside it, according to the previews.

Amazon will release it on August 17 and I’ll actually going to buy it, even though I’m more of a movie guy than a book guy, it sounds like my kind of book, though.

Here is the nifty ‘book-trailer’ for “I am Number Four”,

What do you think, what are your feelings about “I am Number Four”, do you think that it have what it takes to become the next big saga craze? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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