Another Splice Trailer

Tomorrow you can meet Dren, a creepy human-chimera, which are the bizarre result from splicing together human DNA with animal DNA. And to hype the movie a bit more, an Internet only trailer, was released a couple of days ago.

I think that “Splice”, by the “Cube” director Vincenzo Natali, seems to be a really engrossing Sci-fi/horror movie, depicting what could happen, when two cocky scientist decides to fool around with DNA, as it was cookie-dough. It has also received some positive buzz around the net as well, from the lucky ones who has seen it.

I think that Harry at, Ain’t it Cool News, sums it up very well in his review of “Splice”:

SPLICE is intelligent compelling sci-fi horror. Something that frankly, I can’t get enough of. Go see it this weekend. It is so amazing to see this released by a major studio. Reminds me of DISTRICT 9 that way. A lower budget independent science fiction taking on issues and making a compelling genre film. If that interests you at all, you should be at a theater this weekend.

Here is the short, but really action paced Internet trailer for “Splice”:

Even though I found this Internet trailer to be rather decent, it isn’t as good as one of the earlier ones, which has more focus on the real story, instead of just the action.

Photo: Copyright © Warner Bros. Pictures

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