Larry Crowne – Set Photos

Here we have a couple of fresh photos of Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts as they’re busy working on the set of Hank’s upcoming comedy/drama “Larry Crowne”, taken earlier this week on May 26 and 27.

I call it Hanks movie, because it literally is. Apart from writing and staring in it, he’s also the one producing and directing it, as well. Well, to be honest, Hanks co-wrote the movie with Nia Vardalos, who wrote “My Big Fat Wedding”, but it’s still impressive of him to take on this multitasking role, though.

The movie centers around the middle-aged man, Larry Crowne (Tom Hanks), who after losing his job, decides to try reinvent himself by going back to college.

The plot sounds a bit like the comedy “Back To School” from 1986, where Rodney Dangerfield plays a millionaire, who goes back to college with his son.

However, I don’t think that “Larry Crowne” is related to that movie nor that it will contain the same type of comedy either. Instead, hope that Hanks will give us a feel-good movie, which emphasis on the drama first and the comedy second.

If everything goes according to plan, “Larry Crowne” will hit the theaters sometime next year, and I look forward to see the first trailer of it.

Larry Crowne – Set Photos

Tom Hanks walks onto the set of Larry Crowne , an upcoming film in which he wrote, is starring, producing and directing

Julia Roberts continues work on Larry Crowne - currently filming on location in LA

Tom Hanks continues work on the set of his upcoming film entitled, Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks continues work on the set of his upcoming film entitled, Larry Crowne

Photo: © 2010 PacificCoastNews/Juan Sharma, All rights reserved.

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