Iron Baby – An Iron Man Parody

Here is an Iron Man parody, which I just have to share with you, since I think it’s so amazingly good and mind-blowing.

The mastermind behind this brilliant piece of digital artwork is Patrick Boivin, a French Canadian autodidact director and the little girl starring as “Iron Baby”, is in fact his own daughter.

I think that the idea is brilliant, but what amazes me the most, is the high level of quality that surrounds it. The digital effects, art work, the editing and the music is just top notch.

I think that Patrick Boivin and his daughter should be very proud of this and I have no doubt that this will go viral, in no time!

I just hope that Patrick will create an “Iron Baby 2”, since I would love to see it, especially if he would include Whiplash in it as well, that would be really cool!

What do you think about this cute, yet a tad bizarre, digital gem?

Iron Baby by Patrick Boivin

IRON BABY from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

One thought on “Iron Baby – An Iron Man Parody

  1. I noticed you post on I am Number Four and decided to surf for a bit. This is very cute and well done!! I like your site!!


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