The Human Centipede – The Sickest Movie Ever?

“The Human Centipede”, the movie about a demented surgeon, obsessed with the idea to create a human centipede, by stitching people together, from ass to mouth, has begun to spread through VOD and at some theaters.

The reactions have not been long in coming, with people simple walking out of the theaters and even throwing up during the movie. It almost sounds as the reactions that, “The Exorcist” by William Friedkin, got back in 1973. Then the audience fainted in the theaters, out of fear though and not out of disgust.

However, back in 1973, they didn’t have Internet, You Tube, Social Media, forums or blogs, to gather information. Which explains why people reacted so strong to “The Exorcist”; they simply didn’t know what to expect.

Now, I’m baffled that people react the way they do. The trailer for “The Human Centipede” has been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube, movie critiques warns people to eat before seeing it, it is heavily discussed on forums and blogs. I mean, it would be obvious to anyone what to expect, wouldn’t it?

Tom Six, the man behind “The Human Centipede” however, is proud over the buzz and the commotion his movie is creating. He says that he understand that some people will be upset and even feel bad by the movie, while others will enjoy the pitch dark humor in it.

The Film Yap has published an interesting interview with Tom Six where he reveals, that idea came from a sick remark he uses to say about certain criminals, “stitch his mouth to the ass of a very fat truck driver, and that would be a good punishment for him.” A horrifying idea to some, but Tom thought it would make a good horror film, though.

He also promises that there will be sequels, even more gut-wrenching than the first, with more people being stitched together. Which sounds promising, but I hope that Six doesn’t forget that it is not enough with just with a macabre idea and a couple of wicked scenes, you must also have a good story too, to make a good movie.

Or else, this promising saga might take the same turn as “Saw”, who first was renowned for its innovation, breathtaking story and fresh style, but then turned into a series of bleach repeats of the first, with just one thing in focus – an orgy in macabre ways of killing people, with no depth or development of the main story line.

However, Six seems to be of those persons who doesn’t care about boundaries, when it comes to realize their ideas, so I don’t doubt that he will pull it of. One example of his dedication is that he actually contacted a real surgeon, to help him make “The Human Centipede” as realistic as possible.

Imagine the face on that surgeon, when Six called him an explained that he was planning a movie, where a crazy surgeon would stitch people together from ass to mouth, that would have been hilarious to witness! Nevertheless, he also got a surgeon to help him and the medical scenes in the movie is said to be 100% correct.

You should read the interview with Tom Six over at The Film Yap, since it’s a very interesting read.

My take on “The Human Centipede”? Well, I must say that I enjoy movies that rips the spin out of me, chews on it, and spit it right back into my face, truly managing to shock me, and I think that this one will fit into that class, for sure. So hopefully I will be able to see it soon and share my thoughts about it.

At last, to answer the question that started this post – is it the sickest movie ever made? I think that the answer lies in the eyes of the beholder, actually. Some people definitely sees it as the sickest movie and maybe even as the last prove of man’s decay, while others sees it just as another splatter movie on steroids or as an innovative masterpiece, even.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure that there is a couple of Asian horror movies out there, lurking in the dark, which could compete for the title as well. Nevertheless, I think it will be interesting to follow Six and “The Human Centipede” to see how far he will take his extraordinary saga. Don’t you?

Feel free to carve your digital thoughts about “The Human Centipede” into the comments box below!

Photo: © 2009 sixentertainment.

16 thoughts on “The Human Centipede – The Sickest Movie Ever?

  1. I havnt watched this film yet and Im not going to.. The trailer makes me want to throw up! Im not good with horror and sick movies anyway! I can see the funny side of it though! But if I watch it I will get night mares for life, I always do haha!

    Looks Wierd and messed up to be honest ! 🙂


  2. i am really into scary movies and watch them all and are never usually scared at all.
    i saw the add for this movie and i have been completley disgusted, but yet intrigued! i want to know more about it how there can be a person who has a mind sick enough to be able to think of something like this. i am scared to watch the tralier again, i see no funny side to the concept of this movie it is purley horrific.


  3. Merely made this movie for shock value, because Six knows other sick f**ks will want to see it. Kudos to you, Tom Six! You’d think you could come up with something else other than stitching mouths to assholes? So what makes you such a puritan, like you’re going to be exempt from God’s judgement? I wouldn’t go see this retarded piece of fodder any less than I pay to watch the grass grow in my backyard! I hope this piece of garbage you call a soon-to-be ‘cult classic’ tanks at the box office. Sorry, but this is just my unbiased opinion…


  4. I am a fan of horrors but not to the point where there is torturing. People say that the Saw films are twisted but I don’t think they are, there are some bits in the films which makes me close eyes, but I won’t say it is twisted. I only watched the trailer to The Human Centipede, it made me stomach turn now that is what I call a twisted.


  5. i just saw the movie even though it’s not got as much graphic sceans as ‘saw’ or such it is trully disgusting and sick and will haunt u for a while and defently give you nightmares


  6. Actually, after I got over the sickness of the film. It wasn’t really bad or unrealistic well I mean in some places, but for the most part looking back at history similar inhumane acts have happened.

    I actually enjoyed this movie and the way Tom handled it, I couldn’t be happier. I guess not everyone is open like me ^^;;


  7. This film was good,but didn’t sicken me,make me look away,have nightmares or any of that…….just really didn’t think it was that screwed up….I mean past the throes of normal horror movie rhetoric


  8. well i thought the movie was a masterpeice. was not scary and the gore was fantastic ^_^ cannot wait for the next one in the sage


  9. have not yet seen the film, i am renting it on monday, cannot wait to see it, the more gruesome the better, love the look of the trailers {:-)


  10. When I first saw this movie I thought it was sick but it is not close to the sickest movie ever the sickest movie ever I would have to say is august underground mordum that movie is disturbing and just sick I bet half of you cant even watch half of it.


  11. by far the most disgusting and horrifically disturbing movie i have EVER seen in my life! Six is completely demented and I dont know who thinks up something so psychotic and inhuman! words can’t explain how horrible this movie is!


  12. Just watched it on syfy having never even heard of it before (odd being quite the film nut) and I must say it was intrigued and stuck with it until the end, its not one for the faint hearted, if you can handle the likes of saw and hostel you’ll manage this. the thought of one crazy surgeon is easier to grasp than the likes of hostel’s underground murder club! However the storyline is somewhat shocking with absolute jokes of police officers and other blindingly obvious clues than went unmissed allowing the surgeon to get away with his plan as long as he did

    My two pence


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