Tarantino Eyeballing Dracula?

Vampires are incredibly hot these days and thanks to all the vampire movies and TV shows, with Twilight saga leading the way, it doesn’t look like this hype will come to an end anytime soon, either.

Now it looks like Quentin Tarantino is planning to sink his teeth into the mother of all vampire myths – Dracula. At least if we are to believe the Austrian press, who recently wrote about Tarantino’s whereabouts in Vienna, Austria.

Apparently, Tarantino’s goal with his visit to Vienna is to scout locations including castles, in the nearby countryside, for an upcoming project. I guess it was his visit to the castles, that actually started the Dracula rumors.

Also, that one of the castles that he plans to visit happens to be the Kreuzenstein Castle, which was one of the places that Dominic Sena picked for “Season of the Witch”, helped the rumors going.

Although, just because Tarantino decides to visit a couple of castles in Vienna, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is going to shoot a Dracula movie.

It can also mean that he just happens to be very interested in castles, for some reason, or that he is looking for locations for a sequel/prequel to “Inglourious Basterds” or “Kill Bill: Vol. 3”, for that matter. With Tarantino, you just couldn’t know.

I must admit that the idea of Tarantino making a vampire movie is rather titillating. So if these rumors are true and he is going to shoot his version of the Dracula myth, then I really look forward to see the result!

How about you, would you look forward to see a vampire movie signed by Tarantino?

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