Buried Trailer – Reynolds In a Tight Spot

I wrote about “Buried” a couple of months ago, just before it would be screened at the Sundance Film Festival, as I thought it could be a pretty interesting movie and have waited to catch a first glimpse of this thriller, in form of a teaser.

The plot revolves around Paul Conroy (Ryan Reynolds), who get to experience a really cruel situation – being buried alive. He wakes up in a coffin, buried 6 feet underground, with only a cell phone and a lighter at his disposal. While fighting poor reception, a rapidly draining battery, and a dwindling oxygen supply, he must try to figure out where he is, before his time runs out.

I believe that the story, written by Chris Sparling, could be one of those that makes you bite down your nails to the bone, before the last reel has passed. The teaser below doesn’t show much, just a black screen with a desperate Ryan Reynolds making a distress call, before he ignites his lighter and discover his dreadful place.

“Buried” will have a limited première on September 24, before its main release October 8.

Buried Trailer

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