Megan Fox Dropped From Transformers 3

The filming of “Transformers 3” has just begun in Los Angeles this week, but it looks like Megan Fox will not be a part of this sequel at all, though.

I think the decision to drop Fox, so close to production start is very strange, considering how attached her role as Mikaela Banes, is to the main story. Even though there has not been an official statement to why Paramount decided to drop Fox, speculations say it is because that director Michael Bay and Fox, doesn’t get along that well.

The buzz, which says that Bay is on the hunt for a new actress, to replace Fox with, somewhat confirms these speculations as well. I mean, why go through all the hassle of casting a new actress, if everything is fine with Fox in the first place? I think it smells “due to creativity differences”, all over this.

I thought that Fox did a decent job in the first two movies, providing us with a cool, though and sexy counterpart, to the wimpy Sam. So I really hope that Bay thinks twice, before he decides on who he will replace her with.

My suggestion would be that Bay call up, Amanda Sayfried, who played against Fox in “Jennifer’s Body”, where she showed that she can play a rather though chick with a lot of attitude. Who would you like to see as Fox replacement in “Transformers 3”, share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

Photo: © Paramount Pictures

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