Rammbock – German Zombies on The Rampage

Rammbock, is a German zombie movie directed by Marvin Kren, which will have its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival and later I guess it will be available on either VOD or DVD/Blu-ray for the rest of us, if they just find a distributor that is willing to take the movie under their wings.

The story centers on Michael, a young man who travels to Berlin to visit his ex-girlfriend Gabi. When Michael sets foot in Berlin, a vicious virus rapidly starts to spread throughout the city, turning people into mindless zombies with an unspeakable desire for warm flesh.

A Micheal enters Gabi’s home, he finds that she’s not there. Instead he meets Harper, a plumber’s apprentice, and together they barricade themselves, from the massive hordes of raging zombies, in the apartment. The two must use all their creativity, to make a way out from the apartment alive and find Gabi.

You probably never heard about the actors who stars in this, but a little fun trivia though is that one actor, Wolfgang Stegemann, did an uncredited stunt scene in “Inglourious Basterds”. Also, if you wonder what rammbock means, I can tell you that it means a battering ram.

Even though “Rammbock” follows the international zombie template, which we have seen countless times before, I do think that trailer depicts a much rawer, naked and brutal story than other recent zombie movies, which makes it interesting, or what do you think?

Rammbock Trailer

I also think that the poster is quite good as well, especially the tag line “Hide and seek with zombies”, which I think tells a bit what we could expect to see.

Rammbock poster

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