Drive Angry Poster

It looks Cage’s action thriller “Drive Angry” will overtake “Season of The Witch” in their race to be the first one on the silver-screen. “Season of the Witch”, which should have been released in March, has been postponed. Some rumors even claim that it will not get a theatrical release at all and that it will be released straight to DVD/Blu-ray, instead.

So, it could very well be that we get to see Cage as Milton, a father out to avenge the murder of his daughter, before we’ll see him has a 14th century crusader, escorting a witch.

“Drive Angry”, is written and directed by Patrick Lussier (My Bloody Valentine) and revolves around Milton who gets on a road-trip, to seek revenge on the people that killed his daughter and kidnapped her baby. A venture that tends to become bloodier and bloodier for every mile.

I think the plot has some similarities with “Taken”, where Liam Neeson set out to rescue his daughter and her friend, who had been kidnapped during a trip to Europe. Will be interesting to see if “Drive Angry” can top that one, which is a very good movie, by the way.

Kaley Cuoco, Amber Heard, Billy Burke and William Fichtner, are other passengers on this psychological road-trip, which will also be available in 3D.

Also, this is Cage’s first ‘car themed’ movie since, “Gone in 60 Seconds”, in which a ’67 Shelby Mustang GT500 played a major part. In “Drive Angry” there are two cars in the spotlight, a ’69 Dodge Charger and a ’71 Chevrolet Chevelle.

Considering the whole cast and the story, I think that the movie sounds promising, but I guess we’ll know more after they release a teaser for it. In the mean time, here you have the poster for it.

Drive Angry Movie Poster

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