New Inception Trailer Truly Rocks

I just saw the latest trailer for Nolan’s and Dicaprio’s anticipated dream adventure, Inception, and it sure looks like it could turn out to be something really extraordinary, that’s for sure. It managed to get me really psyched up, and I can hardly wait until I can see the IMAX version of it!

Another thing that makes Inception interesting, is the fact that it’s Nolan’s first film, since his debut with “Following”, which is based on an original work. Since all his other movies, in between have been either remakes or based on other peoples stories.

That leads me to suspect that Nolan has put some extra hard work into this project and that we will not be disappointed, as this mind bending thriller hits the theaters on July 16, this summer.

The story revolves around Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio), who is a special kind of thief, he enters people’s subconscious, through their dream and rob their deep hidden secrets. Cobb’s extraordinary talent has made in a name in the treacherous world of corporate espionage, but it has also made in many enemies, an international fugitive and cost him everything has ever loved.

Then a job turns up, which would give Cobb his life back, if he just manage to pull it off. Instead of robbing a memory, Cobb’s and his team must do the opposite, plant one. However, while they proceed with their mission, a dangerous enemy is watching them, which is able to predict their every move and that only Cobb could have seen coming.

Inception Trailer #3

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