Super 8 Teaser Trailer Leaked

Now, we finally get to see a glimpse of what kind of mysterious movie Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams has been working on together, as the teaser for Super 8, which is screened before Iron Man 2, found its way to the net.

Even though the teaser doesn’t reveal much about the movie itself, it does tell us one thing. That Abrams wasn’t trying to put out smoke screens, as he said that Super 8 wasn’t going to be related to Cloverfield, in any way.

The teaser trailer informs us that in 79′ the US Air Force closed down a section of Area 51 and begun to move sensitive materials, on a train, to a secure facility located in Ohio.

Then it depicts how the train approaching a railroad crossing, where it crash with a pickup, causing a mighty train wreck, with railway wagons falling all over the place. After the dust has settled, the camera zooms in on one wagon, showing how someone or something is trying to break out of it, and then it abruptly ends.

Even though it doesn’t show much, it was enough to get me excited and my gut feeling is telling me that Abrams and Spielberg will give us something intelligent and spectacular, when they unleash Super 8 in the theaters, sometime next year.

Super 8 Teaser Trailer

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