Hugo Weaving to play the Red Skull

Hugo Weaving have done some great roles in a couple of major movies, like fighting Neo as Agent Smith in “The Matrix” and helped Frodo to defeat Sauron in “The Lord of the Rings” as the half-elven Elrond, a role that the rumors say he will reprise in the upcoming “Hobbit” movies, as well.

Now he can add another big movie to his resume, as he will play the Nazi villain, Red Skull, in the upcoming superhero movie, Captain America: The First Avenger, which is planned for release in July 22, next year.

I think that casting Weaving as the Red Skull is just brilliant, since I think he can deliver some credible acting when it comes to play villains. I also believe that his distinct looks will act a good starting point, as they begin to smear the face of Red Skull on top it. I really hope that they will include the Red Skull in the early trailers, since I look forward to see the result.

In addition, Red Skull is not the only Nazi villain that Captain America will need to look out for, though. According to THR, he will also has to face the evil biochemist Arnim Zola, which the British actor Toby Jones will play.

The choices of Weaving and Jones makes be believe that Chris Evans (who plays Captain America), needs to act like he has never done before or else he will simply be overrun by those two, whom might end up owning the whole movie!

Nevertheless, it will be fun to follow the development of Captain America, which is said to begin in England in the summer.

What do you think, does Captain America feels more interesting now with Weaving and Jones on board? Feel free to leave your thoughts about Captain America in the comments below.

Here you’ll have a scene, from the early 90’s, featuring a fight between Red Skull and Captain America. I guess that the upcoming movie will be greatly enhanced in every level, compared with this one, though…

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